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The B vitamin profile is made up of five key B vitamins. As B-vitamins are commonly supplemented and consumed for optimal health and well-being it is recommended to assess these levels for optimal patient outcome. Each B vitamin performs unique and important functions.

To help you better understand the basic role of each of the B vitamins, please see below:

Vitamin B1: Is needed to produce cellular energy from the foods you eat, and is also required for the synthesis of DNA and RNA.

Vitamin B2: Is a basic building block for normal growth and development. It is needed for healthy cellular energy production and also supports the antioxidant activity in the body.

Vitamin B6: Is involved in over 100 cellular reactions throughout the body, vitamin B6 is instrumental in keeping various bodily functions operating at their best.

Vitamin B9: Is needed for DNA synthesis, the formation of red blood cells and for the metabolism of amino acids.

Vitamin B12: Plays a critical role in the pathways of the body that produce cellular energy. It is also needed for DNA synthesis, red blood cell formation and for healthy nervous system function.




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Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B9, B12