CA15-3-Blood SST (Test Code 6109)

Cancer Antigen 15-3 short for (CA15-3) is a tumor marker used to monitor the treatment mainly of breast cancer. However, it may be used for colon, lung, ovarian and pancreatic cancer. CA15-3 is found on the surface of many types of cancer cells and shed into the blood stream


• Cancer Antigen 15-3 (CA15-3)

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Turnaround Time:3-5 business days

A physician will order the CA15-3 test for a patient to mainly monitor the progress of breast cancer. It is essential that a baseline CA15-3 test is measured before treatment of breast cancer and a follow up test after treatment to obtain the CA15-3 level.

Common Conditions:

• Lumps on the breast
• Stress
• Hormone imbalances/change
• Pain
• Loss of hair
• Changes in the breast



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Cancer Antigen 15-3 Primarily: Breast (also Colon, Lung, Ovarian, Pancreas)