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Circulating Tumour Cells (CTC) are cancer cells which have broken away from the primary tumour and have entered the blood stream where they circulate and have the potential to generate metastatic disease.

These cells can be isolated and identified, and there is growing interest in their detection for the following purposes:

  1. The early detection and diagnosis of new cancers;
  2. Monitoring of existing cancers;
  3. Prognosis – providing information about the risk of recurrence of a current or previous.

Circulating Tumour cells (CTCs), immunophenotyping, chemotherapeutic drugs.

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Turnaround Time:10-12 business days

The tumour is made up from several subgroups of cells (subpopulations) with different features. One of the subset actually drives the progress of the disease, the resistance to therapy and the relapse. This subset is called cancer stem cell-like cells or tumour initiating cells.

When a patient is treated and the cancer cells may be destroyed, then when the compatible diagnostic does not discover any signal, the cancer cells may consist of a population of 109 to 1012 cells. This limit defines the remission stage of a patient. At that stage only the cancer stem cells may survive and colonise into distant organs and generate metastases in time.

Common Conditions:

  • Cancer


ONCOSTAT Test Code: 7001 – Measures the chemo-sensitivity / chemo-resistance assessment for cytotoxic drugs, monoclonal antibodies, small molecules that inhibitor specific targets (TKI etc).

ONCOSTAT PLUS Test Codes: 7003a, 7003b, 7003c
(Formerly TU Profile Plus) – Measures the chemo-sensitivity / chemo-resistance assessment for cytotoxic drugs, monoclonal antibodies, small molecules that inhibit specific targets (TKI etc) AND the assessment of natural substances and extracts for anticancer potency.

ONCOSTAT EXTRACTS Test Codes: 7002a, 7002b
(Former TU Profile Extracts) – Measures only the assessment of natural substances and plant extracts for anticancer potency.

Follow-Up Assessments:

ONCOTRACE Test Code: 7006 – Measures the concentration of CTCs and the immune-phenotype control of these cells.

ONCOTRAIL Test Code: 7007
Measures relevant markers for specific type of malignancies i.e.

  • BREAST Oncotrail
  • PROSTATE Oncotrail
  • COLON Oncotrail
  • MELANOMA Oncotrail
  • LUNG Oncotrail
  • SARCOMA Oncotrail

IMMUNOSTAT Test Code: 7009
Profile of humoral and cellular immunity and cachexia.
This test uses specific cellular markers and cytokine production to detect the type or types of cells that are responsible for the activation or repression of the immune system of a patient.

METASTAT Test Code: 7010
Markers on CTCs that point out the potential organ for relapse.
It can help practitioners in the prognosis of metastases trends in cancer patients and guide them in the choice of appropriate chemotherapy.



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Circulating Tumour cells (CTCs)
chemotherapeutic drugs.