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Kit Requirements

Dried Urine strips

Turn Around Time

12-15 Business Days Turnaround times are estimates


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Adrenal fatigue is a very common condition in today’s society through the physical and physiological demands we put on our adrenal glands.

Each person has two adrenal glands both located on top of each of the body’s two kidneys. These glands are important to the body’s endocrine (hormonal) system. Adrenal fatigue is a very common condition in today’s society through the physical and physiological demands we put on our adrenal glands. Each gland is composed of two distinct zones, the large outer cortex and the inner medulla.

The dried urine cortisol test serves as a critical tool that may uncover biochemical imbalances underlying anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, obesity, dysglycemia, and a host of other clinical conditions that may affect our day to day lives. This test measures Glucocorticoids (x4), Free Cortisol (x4), Free Cortisone (x4), DHEA (x1), Creatinine (x4) and is collected off four separate dried urine samples at key time points throughout the day: 1st morning, 2nd morning, early evening, and bedtime. Urine is collected on filter paper strips either by dipping it in urine collected in a cup, or by urinating directly on the strip.


Nieman LK. Cushing’s syndrome: update on signs, symptoms and biochemical screening. Eur J Endocrinol. 2015;173(4):M33‐M38. doi:10.1530/EJE-15-0464


  • Creatinine (x4)
  • DHEA (x1)
  • Free Cortisol (x4)
  • Free Cortisone (x4)
  • Glucocorticoids (x4)
  • Tetrahydrocortisol
  • Tetrahydrocortisone

Test Method

LCMS/MS/MS (Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry)

Common Conditions

  • Mental and Emotional Health
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
  • Cardiovascular Health
    • Blood Pressure
  • Other Health Conditions
    • Energy levels
    • Fatigue, lethargy
    • Headaches
    • Irregular sleeping patterns
    • Lack of stamina
    • Mild depression
    • Sexual dysfunction
  • Autoimmune and Immune System
    • Impaired immune system
  • Energy and Fatigue
    • Poor concentration, ‘brain fog’
  • Nutritional and Dietary Symptoms
    • Salt cravings
  • Endocrine and Hormonal Health
    • Thyroid dysfunction

Notice To Patients

NutriPATH practices in the usual practitioner-referral system for pathology laboratories. Patients are highly recommended to seek the supervision and guidance of a qualified healthcare practitioner for the interpretation of any lab results and associated information. NutriPATH can offer assistance in locating a suitable practitioner.

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