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Kit Requirements

SST Serum

Turn Around Time

24 hours Turnaround times are estimates


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Iron is an essential trace element that is mainly derived from dietary sources. Iron is needed to assist in the formation of adequate numbers of normal red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body. Iron is a critical part of haemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that binds oxygen in the lungs and releases it as blood travels to other parts of the body. Iron is also needed by other cells, especially muscle. Low iron levels can lead to anaemia, in which the body does not have enough red blood cells.

NutriPATH offer a comprehensive iron study assessment which will detect and evaluate abnormalities of iron metabolism by measuring Iron, Ferritin, Transferrin, and Transferrin Saturation.


  • Ferritin
  • Iron
  • Transferrin
  • Transferrin Saturation

Test Method

Automated chemistry

Common Conditions

  • Reproductive Health
    • Anaemia
  • Cardiovascular Health
    • Chest pains
  • Other Health Conditions
    • Dizziness
    • Fatigue
    • Heavy menstrual cycles
  • Energy and Fatigue
    • Weakness

Notice To Patients

NutriPATH practices in the usual practitioner-referral system for pathology laboratories. Patients are highly recommended to seek the supervision and guidance of a qualified healthcare practitioner for the interpretation of any lab results and associated information. NutriPATH can offer assistance in locating a suitable practitioner.

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Return samples for analysis via the provided courier packaging.

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