Collection Method


Kit Requirements

SST Serum (Fasting)

Turn Around Time

24 hours Turnaround times are estimates


Sample Report


The lipid profile is a basic assessment of the amount of “good” and “bad” cholesterol and the level of triglycerides in your blood. This test is often requested as a general health assessment and should be investigated further with advanced lipid testing such as LDL subfractions if results are abnormal or if you have a family history of heart disease. Cholesterol is an important fat that your body needs to function properly. However, too much cholesterol can lead to serious health concerns such as heart disease, stroke, or atherosclerosis.

The NutriPATH basic lipid profile is a sufficient assessment as a general health check-up. However, if you have a history or have high blood pressure, excess body weight, diabetes, or heart abnormalities, it is highly recommended to investigate advanced lipid testing such as our ‘Cardiovascular Profile’ test code 4027.


  • Fasting
  • High Density Lipoprotein (HDL)
  • Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL)
  • Risk Ratios
  • Total Cholesterol
  • Triglycerides

Test Method

Automated chemistry

Common Conditions

  • Other Health Conditions
    • Consume alcohol frequently
    • Family history of high cholesterol
    • Inactive lifestyle
    • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Endocrine and Hormonal Health
    • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Health
    • Heart disease
  • Nutritional and Dietary Symptoms
    • Overweight
  • Respiratory Health
    • Smoke cigarettes

Notice To Patients

NutriPATH practices in the usual practitioner-referral system for pathology laboratories. Patients are highly recommended to seek the supervision and guidance of a qualified healthcare practitioner for the interpretation of any lab results and associated information. NutriPATH can offer assistance in locating a suitable practitioner.

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Step 3

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Return samples for analysis via the provided courier packaging.

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